Sunday, 4 July 2010

Snap snap... Touche

HmMmm... Trawling the nets this morning... I came across this article...

I have lived in an oblivious state whereby "apparently" chef's and their staff are unwelcoming when it comes to bloggers.

When I do my food blogging and when I am taking pictures whilst dining (home and out) it has become second nature to me...

I am quite disgusted with restaurants that hold zealously that taking pictures of their food is a negative thing... if you have nothing to hide and you are proud of your food... what's the big deal?

Reading this article today makes me sad and I want to smack the arrogant and silly people in the hospitality industry...

I am not a villain... I love food...

NOTE: Since calming down and speaking to a few other's regarding this issue, I can understand how it is the restaurant's/chef's right to disallow the taking of pictures whilst dining at the establishment. However, how they go about it (rudely screaming at you, or politely telling you) is a different thing.


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