Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Don't Want To Go To Bed Now

Hot it was. Bright it was. Drove along and only paid attention to "Turn Left, Turn Right, Go Straight" instructions. Somehow ended back up on Princes Highway, along Grange Road, along my way back home.

Success was when I didn't kill anyone but nearly witness an accident over some BMW that didn't have any patience with traffic. Hah!

Refreshing it was to have Miss London drop by for a visit. I haven't had any friends visit me since uni days. And that has been a long time.

Fun it was walking along the shops and eating in a Korean Restaurant.

Stupid the driver of the bus was on the way to Chadstone, missing every single bus stop along the way and being told off by school kids.

Interesting it was walking into shops and not having any money to spend and yet wanting to spend on everything.

Surprisingly delicious it was Red Bean Milk Shake. Good choice, whilst I stood by my Ice Honeydew Milk Tea.

Beautiful it was looking at the dress in Kookai and disbelief that it was $550!

Adorable it was how all the cute puppies and kittens were sleeping and playing in the windows of Pet Paradise.

Peaceful it was the bus ride to Oakleigh Station with Miss London. No need for any small talk. Full and contented like happy kittens we were.

Long somehow it was, the walk back home alone.

Happiness it was realising that it was only a 15 minute wait before the Boy came home from work.

Stressed it was to realise that I only had 15 minutes to prepare dinner and pretend that I had the menu planned all along =S

Contentment it is right now as I type this out knowing that I had a full day and knowing that I have the whole night to read my books in peace with no hurry to wake up in the morning :)

Monday, 30 March 2009

Magik Journey & Laksa King

Because Supanova was so fun and I still have pictures to post up, including what we had for dinner... I can't be bothered blogging. It's too beautiful a day but I still love you!!

Went to have dinner as we hadn't eaten the whole day and my friend, Ms Tinymouse was about to complain that I'd be ditching her over the Boy's grumpiness again, so we decided, since, we were on that side of town anyway, we'd venture to Laksa King.

It's on Racecourse Road, and it's very near Newmarket Station. After nearly 7 years in Melbourne, I can't believe I finally made it down to Laksa King. Everyone always exclaims in such shock (and sometimes horror) that I the great Foodie, had not been there (and it's mostly you, Melbourne Uni/RMIT/VU students, MEH!).

Food I would rate 7 out of 10 for authenticity. A bit too much santan and not spicy at all. Oh well, one can't complain.

This was their version of Penang Har Mee... apparently it was good. I forgot to ask to try the soup...

This was interesting. Ms Tinymouse ordered Fish Head Curry Laksa... looked really good too... I love Fish Head but I opted for a safer dish..

This was my Chicken Curry Laksa. Had mint leaves chopped up finely too and a big slice of eggplant/brinjal/aubergine (whatever). Very interesting. Missing out on beansprouts... But very similar to Nyonya laksa style...(with the mint leaves, not may people put mint leaves into the laksa's anymore *sigh*)

And because I paid so much money for this picture, I'm going to milk it for all it's worth. Hayden and I!! Saving the whales one at a time. So sign up at the petition below and do your bit for Mother Nature!!!

She was really sweet, but fierce in the "cilipadi" way. Extremely tiny, she was shorter than me by a head! Although she has songs posted up on her Myspace page, apparently there are no plans to come up with an album. She told the Boy and I, they were making her sing songs that weren't her and trying to mold her into something she wasn't. She loves acting too much. And she said "THANK YOU!" for signing up for the whales petition.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Champagne Supernova

Howdy folks! It has been an awesome weekend. Filled with dreams, paparazzi, authors, fantasy, sci-fi, comics and a cheerleader!

Fave t-shirt slogan of the weekend... "...and then Buffy staked Edward. The End." Twilight-ers were wearing them. It was funny.

Here is a picture of me and Jennifer Fallon. An author I recently discovered through knowing that she would be around for the Supanova event. She's really sweet (maybe not the right word. But really nice). I was a bit shy. I know! Me! Shy!... Now I know how the boy felt when he was faced with Jim Lee...(and if you don't know who Jim Lee is, shame on you!)

Jen Fallon, you're now up there of my fave list of fantasy authors. However, fantasy being one of the ONLY genres I read, WELL DONE! You are now on my bookshelf together with my David Eddings' and Cecilia Dart-Thorntons'. I really could not put the book down. It was extremely refreshing as I've been toiling the Seeker of Truth Series for so long now, it was a fantastic break away from Richard and Kahlan.

The nice cosplay people in Star Wars kindly posed for me. Don't you think the Ewan McGregor dude really looks like Ewan? Nice!

R2 was hanging around as well.

The best moment of Star Wars of the weekend. Stormtroopers on Singstar! They were soooo funny. A huge crowd of people recording their efforts too!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Beautiful Collision

That's what I think when I look at the Federation Square. You either love it or you hate it. A mesh of bundled metal, steel and glass.

The sun shines down on a wondrously mundane day in this puny planet we like to call home.

No alien invasions, no fantastical light beaming from a distant space ship.

No sorcerer, magic, spells, Gods that threathen our existence on Earth.

How boring and yet, how wonderfully mundane.

I sometimes wish, caught up as I am in living my boring and sometimes depressing life, that I had the power to bring alive a story or a character. Hence, stories such as Inkheart and Never ending story are so cherished in my heart.

How wonderful would it be, to live and breathe the air, watch and be apart of Middle Earth, to be friends with Belgarion and Polgara, to work alongside the wizards at Unseen University, to share the vision of Richard Rahl the Seeker of Truth, to be alive and laughing in Narnia.

Ahh.. that's why I sleep so much. To dream the impossible, to escape to my many worlds of fantasy.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Better in Time

Now as the title suggests (as much as I like the Leona Lewis song, it has nothing to do with what she is singing.), I'm just hoping that indeed I will feel better in time.

Bending down to pick up a fantasy book thinking that I have time to escape to another world, somehow, made me spring an old back injury when I fell down a flight of steps and crash landed on my coccyx (tail bone) and I hurt real bad for a long time.

Made it through the pain and walked home to heat up my lavender and wheat pouch for bad days such as this, went to bed and watched the remaining Heroes Chapter 4. Not sure if it was the pouch or the engaging storyline, but I didn't feel pain for the next 3 hours.

Now that I'm going to bed after a nice rub down from the Boy, the twinge is back and I can't sleep through the pain. Hence, I'm typing this out.

It's times like these when you begin to wonder how fragile we humans are. How easily we take for granted all things in life that should work on a normal basis.

Take for example when I burnt my fingers the other day. It felt like I had cooked both of my index and middle finger on my right hand. Being right handed, that was not a pleasant experience. And I think I escalated the problem when I decided to finish cooking/pouring the extremely hot soup stock into the bowl before placing my injured fingers under cold running water.

Sometimes you just don't think during emergencies. The brain shuts down and you end up working in a robotic mode.

I take for granted that I'm young and I can lift heavy objects or bend down to retrieve things really quickly, somehow my back bone doesn't agree with my mind. It decides to complain (Really LOUDLY) that it cannot take the strain anymore.

Out of curiosity, what part of your body do you take for granted?

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Simple Kind of Life

Guilt and Happiness. All I want is a simple kind of life.

Guilty of sleeping in til mid-morning and lazing in bed.

Guilty at having breakfast closer to lunchtime.

Happiness achieved by trying to get out of the house and meeting up with the Boy's Aunties.

Happiness at spending quality time with family and not having stressful questions thrown at me (i.e. why haven't u found a job, why are u not married, why don't u buy a house, etc).

Guilty at staring at the computer and surfing the internet.

Guilty at not wanting to speak to anyone and wanting to be a hermit up in the mountain.

Happiness at reading my fantasy books.

Guilty that reading my fantasy books distracts me from reality.

Happiness at being able to provide the Boy with an array of dishes to avail his tastebuds for dinner.

Guilty that sometimes I feed him too early and he gets hungry at night before bed.

Happiness at having the freedom and time to enjoy my day.

Guilty for not having to work and stressing the Boy and family out.

Happiness at eating spoonfuls of Nutella from the jar.

Guilty because that seemed like a bad thing to do.

Guilty for putting my feelings and emotions for everyone to see here.

Happiness at having filled a void and not accumulating all my emotions.

Happiness at singing at the top of my voice along to my random playlist on Winamp.

Guilty at singing too loudly that it disturbs the neighbours.

Altogether now... *SIGH*

Monday, 23 March 2009

Canto Alla Vita

"Pray for World Peace!", said the Boy in enthusiasm.

I looked at him and bluntly told him that we were not running for any Miss Universe competitions.

His smile disappeared and as usual I quietly acquiesced. I can't bear to see his frown, and lately, I've been getting frowned at more and more. I call it my "foot in mouth" syndrome. I tend to blurt things out before thinking about the result. Happened at work, happens with family, happens with friends, and mostly happens with him. I don't really mean what I say, or if I do mean it, I didn't mean for everyone to hear about it. I think it's because I have too many inner monologues within me, and I forget that when I speak up/out, everyone is able to hear me too.

I digress, as is my usual predisposition.

We were filling out these leaf thingies and writing our wishes on it and placing it in full view of everyone so that when Wesak Day (Buddha's Enlightenment Day) comes around, B.L.I.A. (the Buddhist society) will pray for us and hope that our wishes come true.

People ask, "Do you actually put much stock into these hokey pokey things?"

And I usually say, it's not hokey pokey.. there's no magic involved. It's a belief. And besides, what do you have to lose by making a wish? And praying so much for the wish to come true? If it comes true, I can send my heartfelt thanks to God, and if it doesn't come true, then I can blame it on Karma!

But seriously, there's nothing wrong with making wishes. Everyone should have a wish/goal they want to achieve or come true. Without it, life doesn't have much meaning, and what else is there left for us to do?

So to all the Gods out there(To all the pagan haters, shame on you), ancient, current, forgotten, fantasy, faerie, make my wish come true.

Let there be world peace =)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Good Morning Baby

It was a beautifully sunny day (Saturday), and we had a huge day before us. Melbourne cbd roads were crazy, road blocks, road works, alternate routes, diversions, trams, cars on tramlines, pedestrians being pedestrians.

In the middle of Lonsdale St, there seemed to be a funfair (hence the maddening road blocks/closures). Food stalls were in abundance, and so were rides and fun-fair games.

Walking hand-in-hand, I passed by a fantasy/sci-fi bookstore which I have never seemed to bother with.. and 'lo and behold.. the prices there are cheaper than other giant bookshops. Shame on you! Continued hand-in-hand to the comic bookstore (this is to get ready for our Supanova weekend)... The Boy happily found a stash of things he wanted and we went on our way.

Sunlight was blinding as we approached Fed Square. Some Thai festival/celebration/event was going on. Exciting!

On to Chapel Street for more comics and then dinner with the relatives. BBQ was delish as usual.

A contented weekend supplied with endless Terry Goodkind books (how dare you let these people ruin your story on TV. How could you?) and Heroes...it can only get better!!!

This week - continue said plan with the marathon of books and Heroes...

Friday, 20 March 2009

Music is my Radar

2.8kms! That's how much I walked today. All because I forgot about my wallet... thank God I don't live that far away.

Hello to the old lady living down the street who decided to take a walk with her walker thingy and a lady friend. I know I might look like a weirdo walking up and down the street in the hot hot sun, but I assure you, I was not stalking you or marking the course of your journey up and down the sidewalk in the span of 30 mins. I promise.

So, it's Friday. D-day. Will I or Won't I? Guess we'll find out in a couple of hours.

Anyone read any books by Jennifer Fallon? Just bought a bunch of her books and will be getting more later as I want her to sign them next weekend at Supanova.

The Boy is extremely excited with Supanova as he is going to be a speechless moron lining up to take a picture with the Cheerleader that didn't quite save the world. Times must be bad if she agreed to come down to Melbourne (no other famous ppl will be around. The dude that played Carlisle in Twilight pulled out and they decided to bring in the dude that played Eric [Justin Chon] instead... wtf??!!) to spend the whole weekend here. I wonder how much she's getting paid.

I shall be experimenting in the kitchen tonight with a bottle of Chardonnay and seafood to surprise the Boy with some Marinara concoction. He's going to be soooo proud of me! Which leads me to why I was out today, so.

Back to me walking in the sun. That's the most annoying thing and (embarrassing), the fact that I had everything in my shopping basket and was walking up to the check-out counter just to discover that I did NOT have my wallet on me.

It's times like these that you wish you could drive. And had a car. And had the appropriate driver's license.

Incidentally, the driving lesson I had yesterday (yes, my first ever, and I'm 26. Got a problem?), went really well! An Israeli driving instructor who is patient and doesn't go all sulky when a tree gets in my way... issssss FANTASTIC!

So, anyways. Got back to the grocery store, picked up my basket (which was left at the Customer Service Desk for Morons), and paid and did everything but run out really quickly from embarrassment.

That's me for today (I hope). Oh yes, and I have also stepped cautiously into the twitter-verse.

Note to self: Be wary of going to bed with a cluttered mind from the days' activities. Else more dreams about heartbroken and random Hokkien Noodle Japanese Porn Star man. It's your fault, and you know it.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Spending Money

So the day began, slightly overcast... then the Sun came out of hibernation and shouted.. "HELLO EVERYONE!!"

I set my alarm for 7am and snoozed it til 8am.. Why do I do that? (When my snooze is 5 mins).. I keep telling myself, 5 more minutes.. 5 more!

Chomped down on waffles and baked beans.. (I had run out of bread earlier in the week). My dear friends at Connex had kindly decided to cancel the 10am and delay the 10.15am to 10.25am. Huffing and not looking to glamorous, changed into my heels on the train and ran to the job interview.

It was a strange interview that seemed to be designed to intimidate and scare rather than promote the role.. maybe that's why the previous incumbent in the role left in September and they have yet to find a replacement?


Got out of there and felt that I'd ruined all chances of securing the role... (good because I don't think I would survive, bad because I really need the cash).

Met up with the London chic and had lunch at a Jap shop down a lane way on Bourke Street which I never knew was there (the shop, not the lane).

We got a bit thirsty and decided to head to some chocolate parlour. I had an chocolate affogato (very obvious where this chocolate parlour is right now if you are a chocolate parlour addict).

Received a call from the potential bosses regarding the interview. Basically, they informed me that they are still thinking about thinking about which candidate to go for. Very queer if you ask me.

Oh well. Cheers to knowing later on Friday.

Went on to Chadstone (VIP Night) to spend some money which I don't have. Oh how I love retail therapy and Kevin Rudd!

Today! I'm gonna bust my driving instructors car and he is going to kill me. He is coming round at 2pm. Everyone that is living in my area, please stay at home and lock your kids up.

I feel like I should write about a dream I had about the boy. Maybe the next post.


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Touch the Sky

Inspiration, where does one get such a thing from?

Sometimes you look at something, and you wish that you could take a picture, a snapshot of the moment, the sound, the emotion ... this is what it is to be human.

Sometimes, I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I try to pause and reflect. To slow things down. To try and understand what it is that makes me tick, that makes the things around me go tick and tock.

Time goes by so quickly. Before you know it, it's 6 weeks into the future. What have I achieved?

Well.. good question. I have yet to go any further in my assignments. Yes thank you o' great naggers.. you have managed to put some sense of guilt on my mind.. could I trouble you to finish it for me? *Hint*

I have learned how to press the accelerator pedal in Jazzy and brake suddenly. Baby, it wasn't my fault. The tree appeared out of nowhere. How was I suppose to know the steering wheel would turn back on it's own? That's why I'm on "L" plates!!!!! Stupid Tree!!

If I were a tree, I'd kindly step out of the way and say, "Pardon me, Miss. Didn't know you were heading my way." Bah! I say to the council that planted the tree there in the first place. Who would plant a tree at the corner of the curb surrounded with two poles??? It's a traffic hazard.

I have learned that procrastinating is central to my nature. Who knew that one could waste so much time chopping garlic? Reading books? Finishing my Heroes season 3?

6 weeks, and I have yet to complete anything that I set out to do. Where do I find the excuses and time?

I wish my assignment were as easy as "Aku sebatang pensil/pen/pembaris/basikal". That would set my creativity running... instead of logging into various Department websites and writing about how people are able to get information out of it. How is that contributing to me gaining knowledge for my Training and Development?

To end this. One should always wear sunblock, screen themselves from the sun. Wear a hat. Especially if you happen to be so down south on the earth here. The sun kills. Be wary of any moles, they might turn nasty on you.

I wonder if the sun feels any guilt? Who's the say the sun has no feelings. "Why how dare you soak up my warmth and then say that I give you cancer!!.. *harrumph*

Screaming Infidelities

Am I the only one to feel this way. Will I ever have peace from this feeling? From what I've done.. what we've done.

The night air is hot against my skin. Hot breath mingles and the windows mist up.

The night time rendezvous... the afternoon quick fixes...

What happened to us? I've got the only answer. WE grew up, moved on, and tried living in the past, tried to keep the past alive.

It can't be done, and it can't ever be undone.

My one and only. Joker and the thief indeed you are. How many times do I have to say goodbye. How many times will your face haunt me? Will I ever be free?

A familiar catchphrase (Dari Condo! *hahahahaha*), a familiar scent (Ambi Pur?), a scratch against my skin and my heart falters. A sound in the background, a familiar sounding ringtone, the voice of Norah Jones, thunderstorms... a Golden Retriever (I love them so)

Where were you? Where are you now? What are you doing? Are you happy?

Not a day goes by... not a minute...

I can only question the whys' and what ifs'.

Sayonara, adious, chai chien, selamat tinggal, goodbye...

No, no, no...

Monday, 16 March 2009

Where'd you go

"Where'd you go,
I miss you so,
It seems like it's been forever,
That you've been gone"

9 long years. Somehow it seems that time passed by in a blink of an eye.

1st of February. I always remember your birthday, 'cos it's a public holiday. Every public holiday that comes by, I think of you and make a toast.

I remember the time when we were young. Running around the house (several houses, we seem to move a lot back then). Jumping down stairs. Screaming. Terrorising everybody in the house. Christmas mornings.

You told me scary stories. I would cry. We played hide and seek, and sometimes you forgot to find me.

There was once, I got locked out of the house and you got in trouble for that. We were both sent to bed without any dinner.

Fast forward, years passed. We talked about the good old days. What you wanted to do. What I should be doing. No one seemed to ever have the time for us.

I was much too young. You were always 5 years ahead of me. I looked up to you, somehow.

And then suddenly, I'm at your hospital bed. Holding on to your hand. Wanting to tell you so much. Wanted to share with you what I felt.

Too late. Time passes us by. We regret to say things that we are afraid to say. So uncool to say.

9 years on. Forever 21. Memories of you live on...

I miss you.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Joker & The Thief

It was a day where the skies opened up and the long awaited downpour rained on us. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of it, wet and cold, but having the time of our lives!!

It was pouring when Jet took the stage at 12.15pm.. the rain came on and off for the next couple of hours... Kings of Leon took the stage in wet conditions

Then Wolfmother came out at 7.00pm, it was like we were in the middle of a hurricane.... ponchos were flying.. sound equipment were blown over by the wind.. and smoke was billowing out from one of the speakers.. and it was the best concert we've been too!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney had the sun and Coldplay....

Melbourne ironically had the rain finally in our concert relief for the drought and bush fires. Despite the weather, we had an awesome time.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Smash Into You

Because I can. Because not everyone has my FB or Photoblog. Because I feel their love.

Everyone meet my salt and pepper dispenser.

In the garden amongst the flowers.

"Salt" looking a bit shocked at the prospect of being spied upon.

"Look there Salt!"

"Where are you Pepper?"

Ahhh... Found.

Possibly I have way too much free time on my hands. Amongst the crazies around the world... we all need to relax a little and learn to smile.

If The Rain Must Fall

Another day, another night, another morning, another day of aimlessness.

The weather is still depressing.. it's scheduled to be thunderstorms for the next 3 days. Which is just the way I like it. Hopefully it's too wet to start any fires.

I like the rain. I have always loved sitting on a nice comfy couch and watch as the heavy raindrops fall upon the ground. It fascinates me. It's such a beautiful thing to observe. The rain.

Unless of course you are caught out in it, but it could be fun. One could always grab a bottle of shampoo and run a free TV commercial about dancing (singing a famous shampoo jingle is optional) and washing one's hair in the rain and saving water at the same time. The only risks associated to that would be:

A.) Getting hit by a car (So make sure it's done in a secluded area)
B.) Getting hit by lightning (where heavy rainfall is non too safe)
C.) Slipping on the ground and cracking open your head (so do this on a non-slip surface area)
D.) You might feel overly liberated by this experience and start ripping of your clothes and having a real shower (so try to do this in your bikini/swimwear, and it might be possible [If you are an exhibitionist])

Once you've done your bit and washed your hair in the open, you could run into the house and dry up. The water that you brought in whilst running and dripping all over the floor, can now be used to mop the area!

Thereby saving water again!!

I am indeed a water saving genius. Why hasn't anyone thought about this yet?

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hot Fudge

The sweet aroma of local grounded Malaysian coffee assails the senses... Screaming into my scent cells... "WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!"

Sometimes, you wake up feeling all positive and that everything you do will make sense or at least make sense at some point, to someone, at some place. And that someone at some time at some place will say, "Hey, you're doing a fine job at what you are doing. Keep it up. I wouldn't be alive without you doing whatever it is you do!"

But I digress...

Other times, you wake up feeling all crummy and tired (even after 9 hours in bed). You feel that there's not much point in waking up, as you're gonna go through the same shit day in day out anyway. The world might end. At least end where I'm comfortable. In bed. Head under the pillow.

But, today is different. Today, I woke up from a nightmare... and felt that the real world could not get any worse than the dream. So I jump out of bed, feeling all positive... pulled up the blinds.. and 'lo and behold.. it's dark and gloomy... and the feeling all but dissipated...

So as I sit here and type, with the smell of my Kopi-O assailing me... Robbie Williams crooning depressingly at me... I am trying to find myself. But how do you do that, when you're right in front of the computer?

Sometimes, I wish I was 5 again.. actually... not 5.. I had a depressing childhood where no one wanted me...

So I wish I was 10? I don't think I've been at an age where I've truly been happy... so maybe.. let's see... nope... nothing..

I need to find a happier life... a life where there's no pain, no worries and love all round. I could take some drugs and live in that for a few moments. I could die and think I'll be in peace. But most religions tell us that's definitely the wrong way to go about looking for peace.

So where then is this "peace" and "happiness"? Why is it so elusive? How do we, children of broken homes look to?

It's not to say that I've never been happy. Because that would not be right. Of course I've been happy. But I'm trying to look for that perfect happy moment...

I know.. I was 1 years old. It was my birthday party... I had a family. Parents. Mother, Father, Sister. Love. Grandparents. Everyone was there. Everything is the way it should be. Snapshot the moment.

Don't move forward in time. Let the picture never fade, never turn yellow. Never show the sadness that will hit the smiling faces in the picture. Let them never know pain. Let them never know the meaning of heartache and betrayal. Let them never know what it means to be abandoned.

Please God, let them always feel this happy. Always this in love. Always and forever smiling.

Fast forward 25 years... I am sitting here at my table.. trying to find that feeling of happiness and contentment again. What happened?

Monday, 9 March 2009

One for my baby...

When did I become so dependent on you? When was it that you showed you cared so much?

Why is it that I'm suddenly noticing it again for the first time? After being together for so long, why is it that I'm suddenly seeing you and appreciating you?

"Pause. Take a deep breath."

Time has slowed down for me. I now have the opportunity to actually look, feel and see.

You've given me so much. All this time, I have taken you for granted.


Memories of a time many years ago, when you told me you would be here forever. I didn't believe, could not allow myself to believe. How could I? But now...

"Snapshot this moment"

I never want to forget the way I am feeling right now. Tonight.

This longing. This intense feeling.

My heart aches.

Can I? Should I? It seems unfair that I haven't given you all of me.

How? When? Loving me.

It doesn't matter.

I want it to last forever.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hands Down

Woke up to an overcast sky. Boy proposed that we go to the zoo. But before that, we must have KFC!

The bears were up and prowling around looking for hidden fruits and vegies.

This echidna is sooooo adorable...

Hands Down one of the best dates ever. Came home and crashed on the couch whilst Boy went to cook dinner. It was a delicious concoction of yummy bits baked for an hour...

I love you.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


So there was the annual Melbourne Motorshow... where we can find my dream car. The new Lamborghini LP560-4.. and boy... Woot...

But I digress... it was a day of watchamacallits... clothing warehouse sale, luxury cars, casino parking, arcades... (yes! I Trashed the boy in Street Fighter!!)... Movies

Watchmen... was a close enough adaptation of the graphic novel as it can get... You can't possibly fit everything .. but yes, amongst the gore, pints of blood and naked bodies, the story was clear enough, although some parts were ommited and changed to make it fit into 3 hours.

Lycans' (Underworld 3) however, left a lot of questions unanswered and a lot more to be desired. The special effects weren't that fantastic... and the lycans looked more like Halloween characters. The only good thing from the movie was that they used the original cast. Oh well.

New trailers that have got me going GaGa... Star Trek (yes.. I'm a geek), Angels & Demons, Wolverine, Monsters vs Aliens!!!

Here's to another two days with the boy.. we love the long weekends... I love it!!!

Questions on what I'm doing, on where I'm heading constantly come my way. My only answer is.. I'm surviving.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom)

Lights, camera, action! A night of awesomeness.

It was a concert with low expectations, which always happens to be the best, cause you will always get pleasantly surprise.

Rock the house with Grandmaster Flash, the creator of awesome DJ turntable....

N.E.R.D. could have my "brain" for all that was worth. Smooth sweet talker. Girls went wild. Guys went nuts. All around me, words to the songs were sung.

We DID Hip Hop last night =)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Pork & Beans

Not a care in the world. Just us sitting down and talking about our lives and the week that went by.

One new addition to our weekly meeting. Happy faces. Different backgrounds, united with a common situation and my love for chocolate.

One with a new start, one with new options, one with new experiences... and one stuck in the same old routine.

Choices of the day include:
A.) Suckao
B.) Belgian Waffles
C.) Souffle
D.) Have both A and B

Pictures can be viewed by following this web page:

I opted for D!! Wuhoo... Such is life and such are the choices that my rusted wheel clogs in my mind have come down too. Soon I will be sitting on a chair darning socks and filling out Sudoku and Cross Word Puzzles on a rocking chair with a shot gun on my side and a cat on my lap... I don't even really like cats all that much!

You said you miss me. How can I ever know that you speak the truth? When you grace me with your cold shoulder whenever I'm around. Words... are all lies.

Sweet Dreams..

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


"Sunshowers that fall on my troubles
Are over you, My baby
And Some Showers I'll be aiming at you
Cause I'm watching you, My baby"

Be good, someone told me today. Someone with an internet addiction. I shall not name names. But you know who you are =P

How do you find the motivation? I find it easier to come up with excuses and other meaningless tasks.

I find myself trapped. Against the wall. On one hand, I'm completely happy and guilt free to be at home 24 hours reading my book, listening to my music.

On the other hand, I've got the nagging feeling and overshadowing worries about paying my bills and not being worthy enough for any jobs available on the market.

My time will come. Until then, who's watching the Watchmen?

Monday, 2 March 2009


Gossip... girlie talk. I can't believe I miss that. It's nice to have friends around yourself. Take away the worries, stress and pain from life.

Good to see you too. Good to offload my feelings on what's been happening lately. Thank you for listening.

The many aisles in the Asian Grocery provide such great recipes and ideas for dinner.

Then home, whereupon I find your name flashing on my screen. What is it? Why can't you leave me alone? I just want to be alone.

Harsh words. Never to be unsaid. I can only apologise for the hurt I've caused.

Maybe tomorrow will have a better ending.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Times Like These...

Can you smell the sizzling bacon bits? O glorious of glories... awaken to the sweet smells of breakfast.

You smiled at me across the table. Free spanish donuts as well? Lovely...Lo-ver-ly... "All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air, warm feet, warm hands, warm face.. OoOOhhhh wouldn't it, be lo-ver-ly!"

This is the last big breakfast you are going to get baby. From here on out, it's healthy eating. "Awwww", I say!

This is from one of my favourite restaurants newly opened in Chadstone, called Tender Trap (serves wicked spanish tapas). Also if you are a priviledge member like myself, you get discounts and freebies on selective days.

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