Saturday, 6 November 2010

Pope Joan Breakfast Revisited @ Brunswick East

"Can we go to Brunswick please???", I kept asking the Boy... petulantly pouting my lips and doing my best cutesy voice...

The Boy, "Why? Is it because you want to eat at Pope Joan?!"

Me: *blinks innocently*

The Boy: "Oh, alright!"

Me: *smiles mischievously*

It really wasn't all that hard to get him to agree... he loves Pope Joan as much as I do..

So, the second time round at Pope Joan, would it still be a hit, or will it succumb to popularity and let it's quality drop? The first time we were there, it was a great introduction to Matt Wilkinson's foray into cafe style breakfasts...

This second visit was just as good. The place was just as busy and bustling with locals.

We were seated right in front of the man himself. That's him looking suspiciously at myself... tying to take action shots of him working, but again, his speed is much to quick for me and my tiny camera...

You can choose to sit outside and bravely face whatever weather Melbourne throws at you (sure enough it did start raining for a while)

This time round, I decided to order something from the Specials Board... I can't really remember what it was called (I forgot to take a picture of the board).

Sugar Cured Salmon salad with fromage and capers ($17?) ... Delicious light and lemony... it left me wanting more! If I wasn't seated right in front of the kitchen and the chef, I'd lick that plate.. MmmmMMMm....

The Boy ordered the Poached Eggs, Smoked fishes rosti with herb salad $16 which he said was delishes. He wouldn't even let me try the rosti!!!

Pope Joan has become one of our favourite breakfast joints and I've only good things to say about it. My only hope is that the quality prevails!!

To read about my first visit at Pope Joan, click --> here :)

*Disclaimer: All food ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the service, food and quality

Food/ Cuisine: Contemporary/Modern Australian
Dining Style: Cafe
Overall Food Rating (Based on the Dining style): 8/10
Restaurant ambiance: 8/10
Service/ Attitude: 7.5/10 (today, it took a while to get anybody's attention, which was fine, as it was super busy, but still annoying for the time I was trying to wave someone down)
Value for money: 8/10

77-79 Nicholson Street
Brunswick East VIC 3057

Tel:(03) 9388 8858


Pope Joan is open for
breakfast and lunch 7 days a week from
7.30am til "erm about afternoonish" and
soon-ish for dinners

How to get there:

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  1. I must give this place a visit, so many good reviews!

  2. So nice you get to go to so many amazing places to eat!!!

  3. oooo, I really want to try it now, since you've gone twice! thanks for sharing :)

  4. Chanel: Ooh yes.. do go =)

    Kim: You can too!.. Just hop in a car and go for a food trip :)

    Ames4eva: It's a lovely place and you're welcome!

  5. Don't tell me you're adding paparazzi to complement your food blogger skills. ;) Looks like a lovely cafe!

  6. I like the herb salad, makes a nice change from a pile o' rocket!

  7. Agnes: Woah 4 comments all at once? *blush*... what's wrong with being a paparazzi for chefs? LOls.. I could be onto something here :P

    Conor: It is isn't it.. it was all nice and refreshing!


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