Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Seven Seeds @ 114 Berkeley Street, North Melbourne

Sisterly love knows no bounds... The same blood runs through their veins... Quiet and a boring facade she shows...

Seven Seeds... quaint Big Sister of Brother Baba Budan

A cute coffee plant grows in their grounds

Beautifully knitted lamp shades...

Menus kept in old artillery/ammo casings ^_^

Bicycles kept alligned on a wall... I think I've come home!!

Breakfast seems to be the main reason why people are here, and yes, the great coffee as well.. (mind you, we stepped in here at about 2pm on a Sunday!)

The Boy and Cousin A being wimps to coffee ordered a Mocha (and complained that it was still too much coffee! What fools!!!)

I was boring, but I love their Latte... just as good as BBB =)

Aunty Ev (Please don't kill me... I love you!)... had freshly brewed coffee from the clover machine (BBB has one too)...

Every day it's a different bean that gets the honour of being in the clover machine... I can't remember what Ev had tho... it was very good though.. I remember it was a single origin coffee.. so =)

Seven seeds source green coffee from around the world and concentrate on Estate, Micro lot and Single Origin coffees (

Overall Food Rating: - (I didn't eat there this time round, visit was purely for the coffee.. next time ;>)
Cafe ambiance: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10

114 Berkley St, Carlton

Tel: 9347 8664

Monday - Saturday : 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday : 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM



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  1. You are busy blogging today. This is a great place indeed!

  2. A pal of mine said you're really nice-- not that I was doubting it! But he said he chatted to you last time at an entrepreneurial society event. He recognised you, from your photo.

    Strange... who'd have thought people who live near each other could have some kind of link!

    Oh, wait.

    Also, your blog doesn't have a map of the places you've reviewed, so... I keep having to yank out a MelWays!

  3. Really?? What entrepreneural society event?? Gosh!

    Anyways, if you're online... just pull up Google Maps.. more reliable than Melways!

  4. His name's James Ramsay, one of the Nudge guys.

    Good point. I hate how I don't make things easier on myself...

  5. Also, that tag: "THE ONE WHO SAYS..." always gets me upset.

    It sounds like they're just words to you... :(

    I offered to build a new life with someone once. She said yes.

    Then after a while, she said no.

  6. I don't know any Nudge boys =( Must be someone else =)

    There there.... I've been together with the Boy for nearly 9 years.. I still think that he's crazy to want to spend the rest of his life with me.. hence the way the tag is worded =)

  7. I know you think he's crazy. That's what she thought, in the end.

    He doesn't know you. He couldn't recall your name. He just said you were really nice, and you two helped set up chairs together.

  8. Lols.. there there.. enough of morbid thoughts about relationships...

    Hmm... sorry, I really don't remember =)... Tell him Hi!

  9. Ouuuf Seven Seeds. I've only been there once but I know I will back there again :)


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