Saturday, 26 June 2010

Aii yaii yaii... arrribbbaaaaaa... Les Petit Truffe

Read this blog post title and just picture a chef (any chef) wearing a Mexican hat and screaming in the French kitchen... just picture it...

The Boy wanted to finish up some ingredients in pantry/fridge/freezer/kitchen (he was going to cook all my food)...

We were going to have a "rubbish night!".. you know... the night where you can't be bothered and just eat sausages, chips, pizza...drink lots of coke...

Except that, this is the Boy's take on his "rubbish" night =)

First dish was a thinly sliced aubergine (brinjal/eggplant) which he baked in the oven drizzled with olive oil.

Roughly chopped and fried some chorizo to put on the topping... served with chorizo oil and garlic crisps...

Chorizo done 3 ways... one with Japanese Mayo, one with tomato relish and one with gherkin.... served with preserved capers

Lastly, hash browns served with thinly sliced swiss brown mushrooms, sliced chorizo

Together with burnt sage and crisp Serrano ham (I nearly murdered him when I found out what he did with the Serrano... but it was so crispy and delicious... I just glared at him for 2 minutes)

And that my friends, is how you make a "Meh" night to a "Glam" night!!


  1. that is too funny- My MIL likes to 'help use up' my food. I hate it- lucky for me she lives a 5 hour flight away!

  2. Very fancy :) You should really stop advertising Les Petit Truffle because it's quite unfair we can't try the food!

  3. Lols...

    Ren: That is indeed lucky.. you get to escape the "everybody loves Raymond" scenarios!

    Vee: Actually.. your sister has tried Les Petit Truffe =P Twice I might add!


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