Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Duck Duck Goose @ QV, Melbourne

If you've been following my Twitter account, you'd realise that I've been eagerly anticipating the opening of Duck Duck Goose...

So when I walked in with the Boy on Sunday for brunch (taking a well deserved break from our Melbourne Open House), and was greeted by the waitress, "We've only just opened on Tuesday", to which I replied, "I know, that's why I'm here *big Smile*"

Walking in, there were only 2 other tables (couples) seated... and this was at 1pm... well into the late Sunday lunch hour...

A few curious passer-bys walked in, looked at the menu and walked back out... obviously the uninitiated :P

However, the Boy and I soon realised that we were quite mistaken... Where was the Chinese-French fusion menu which the Age was talking about???

Instead, we'd walked into a Sunday Yum Cha (which was fine by me, given the reputation of Kam Fook in Sydney **which owns Duck Duck Goose)

(The range of teas were amazing.. 28 different kinds)

I asked if we could have a look at the Dinner menu (in vain of getting some sort of fusion menu... the yum cha menu consisted of normal yum cha dumplings, bento boxes, ramen noodles, korean offerings and desserts)

(We ordered the Kotobuki tea $8 for a pot with 1 refill... slightly peachy and fruity)

Sadly, we were informed that the dinner menu was exactly the same as the brunch menu ( disappointing !)... and that because they were so new (and empty, I should add)... half of the items shown on the menu were not available...

(BBQ Pork Ramen Noodles $10)

Of the yum cha offerings 3 items were not available (the radish cake, some dumpling and the egg tart)

(Deep fried prawn dumplings 4 pieces $6)

All of the rice dishes were unavailable apart from the Teriyaki chicken and Teriyaki salmon dishes...

(Shanghai pan-fried pork bun 2 pieces $4)

Out of all the noodle dishes, only the Szechuan Ramen and the Barbecue Pork Ramen were available (not even the House Special, DUCK DUCK GOOSE NOODLE was available)...

(Shao-Mai 4 pieces $ 6)

Undeterred, the Boy and I ordered with a gusto...

(Prawn Shao-Mai 4 pieces $6)

And I ate like a little hungry piggy

(2 x Prawn Dumpling $4 -->$2 each)

The food was good.. but it wasn't a stand-out... nothing really to scream.. THIS IS EXQUISITE.. EAT ME NOW!...

(Peking Duck 2 pieces $6)

The Boy mentioned that the yum cha at Shark's Fin House/Inn was of better quality (and I couldn't help but to agree)...

(Almond Pudding $5 and Black Sesame Pudding $5)

At the end of the meal... too late.. we discovered that the Fine Dining French-Chinese fusion Duck Duck Goose (Cuisine) was located next door...

Next time...

As I mentioned, nothing special... apart from maybe the prawn shao-mai and the deep fried prawn dumplings... everything else was what you'd expect from any good yum cha places.

Would I come back... possibly... I won't come back just for the yum cha though, I'll be trying the other dishes that were mysteriously missing from the menu that day...

What I do want to try is the Cuisine next door =)

*Disclaimer: All food ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the service, food and quality

Food/ Cuisine: Asian Fusion (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
Dining Style: Restaurant
Overall Food Rating (Based on the Dining style): 7/10
Restaurant ambiance: 9/10 (I really liked the layout and design of this place... brightly lit and it reminded me strongly of Maze)
Service/ Attitude: 6/10 (I have to be honest here... at any given time, there were only 4-5 other tables and I counted 6 wait staff. The dining table was extremely small, and yet they brought all our food out at once and did not help in placing the dishes.. instead, waiting for us to rearrange the plates and bowls etc... quite annoying really)
Value for money: 6/10 (Again, for the fare offered, I paid $60 where I would normally pay $40 at Sharks Fin House... however, that being said... this restaurant is being marketed differently and seems to be catering for the Oriental Tea House type of crowd)

31-37 Artemis Lane
QV Melbourne
Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel:(03) 9005 0888 (typical Chinese number.. *sheesh*)


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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Koko Black @ 52 Collins Street - Melbourne Blogger Meetup by Nuffnang

I'm terribly late you know =)

I had the pleasure of attending my first Blogger meetup yesterday in Melbourne.. and although we got off to a slow and (silent) akward start... I think I've made some new friends =)

I never thought I'd be part of a group of people where, when food is served... there is a flurry of activity.. not to eat the food but to catch the best picture of the food.. how silly we must have looked... But I came home announcing to the Boy, "I've found my people!"

A selection of chocolate pieces courtesy of Nuffnang (thank you!)

My Chocolate Affagato (still my fave to drink at KoKo Black) and I influenced Simone from alookinmybook to try one too =)

Emma from thecakemistress hands embracing her soy hot chocolate... isn't it pretty?

Violet's ice chocolate (I have no idea why she ordered ice.. it was raining and cold...)

For once I was so engrossed on making new friends and sharing stories, that I've completed neglected to take note of what we had...

So I'm going to go with assorted pastries and cakes ^_^

One of the pretty cakes.. I don't think I tried this one.. but hey! Looks pretty!

This last one was a pear and chocolate tart (I know this because Sarah from Nuffnang was presenting it to us)

Time for some pictures with people =)

The waittress looked a bit wary as she stepped in front of Penny from Jeroxie as she was trying to gather all of us to take a group shot...

Sylvia, Michelle and Emma listening to some conversation (there were a few)...

Simone, Violet and I

I also spoke to Ceri who writes for healthypartygirl, who has a mobile version of her blog!! Amazing!

Group shot of all who attended... I didn't quite get to speak to everyone as we were separated into two tables (groups).. so maybe next time?

Great job to the organisers, Violet and Penny!! Thank you again and here's to the next one!!!

*Disclaimer: All food ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the service, food and quality

Food/ Cuisine: Chocolate
Dining Style: Chocolate Cafe
Overall Food Rating (Based on the Dining style): 7/10
Restaurant ambiance: 8/10
Service/ Attitude: 8/10
Value for money: 7/10

52 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel:(03) 9663 5567


KoKo Black @ Collins Street is open from
Mon - Fri : 9.30am-5.30pm
and Saturday :11am-4pm
Closed on Sundays

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Neroteca Italian Restaurant @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, Malaysia

The dinner venue for the Hen's night I recently organised...

Neroteca, is located at the ground level of Somerset Hotel in KL and the expectations I had of this place were exceedingly high...

Only because, of a.) the venue and b.) the pricing...

Are you doing a double take at the pricing? Because I was...

A wide array of "Italian" offerings... mainly pasta's and pizza's...

What I liked though, was the presentation of garlic, bread, balsamic and virgin olive oil...

The garlic was dry roasted and smashed and you were to smear it onto the bread and dip it into the balsamic and olive oil dressing... this was quite delicious and unique...

(This special was so special that it wasn't even listed on the board!! Buffalo Mozarella with proscuitto and rocket $80 each... yes you read right...)

Unfortunately, the uniqueness ended there...

(Roasted suckling pig with sautéed mushrooms and mashed potato $78++)
In terms of presentation and pricing to the quality and portion of the servings... there was definitely a disparity...

(Pappardelle "Neroteca" - wild boar ragout pasta $24)
We were told that the servings were large and would feed a ravenous foreigner, when ordering appetisers... so we cut it back to 3, as the waitress insisted that 3 would be just nice...

(I could be wrong, but I think this was the "pappardelle", but since it doesn't look like it, I'm not sure... Papardelle with (?) served with smocked scamozza $48++)
And she was pushing the specials of the day...one of them being the roasted leg of lamb...to be shared amongst 2 people...

(Fusilli della Casa - chili salame, gorgonzola & tomatoes $24)
So when 3 of us ordered that, she had to come back out to tell us that unfortunately, there were only 2 legs left...

Throughout the night (we were the largest group there), we tried to get them to refill our water, but were mostly ignored...

The damage? $1000 for 10 people... for all the food you see above ... no drinks... was it worth it? Apart from the great company of friends, the mediocre food and lacklustre service?

Need I say more? Maybe in Malaysia where Italian fare is limited, this could be justified... but I can't justify spending that much in a restaurant that's not fine dining quality or anywhere near the top 100 best restaurant list...


Apologies my Bronze friend, I'm not having a go at your choice.. just doing an honest review ...

That being said, I take note that this place is often crowded and bookings are a must... apparently people like to come here and give their money away...

*Disclaimer: All food ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the service, food and quality

Food/ Cuisine: Italian
Dining Style: Restaurant
Overall Food Rating (Based on the Dining style): 6/10
Restaurant ambiance: 8/10
Service/ Attitude: 5.5/10 (pushy when ordering and lacklustre after ordering)
Value for money: 4/10 (C'mon, you have to admit, $178 for a skinny leg of lamb with some vegetables, potato wedges and chorizo is definitely not worth that much!!!)

Ground Floor, The Somerset,
8 Lorong Ceylon,
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Fax: (03) 20702530

Email: info@neroteca.com


Neroteca is open from
10am - midnight daily except for
Tuesday from 6pm-midnight

How to get there:

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Kin Kin (Restaurant) Chili Pan Mee @ Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Recently back on Melbourne soil from KL ... O' Melbourne, why are you so cold to me?

Malaysia, the land so beautiful yet so dangerous, with food worth risking your life and dying for...

So, I was ecstatic that I was taken to Kin Kin to try their famous Chili Pan Mee!!

First of all, it's located KL, so Madam Mummy would never take me there...

Secondly, Madam Mummy hates Pan Mee... so I have to rely on my wonderful friends to take me to certain places to search for delectable delights!

After hearing so much about this famed Chili Pan Mee... I was really and truly happy to have the chance to eat here...

My Bronze friend commented, "Wah, you how many days never eat?!"... (Manglish for... "Woah, what on earth? Have you been starving?")

This was also because he ordered 2 bowls of noodles (being greedy) and couldn't finish it up, so Ms Tinymouse and I helped out (as we have Big Melbourne Tummies)...

The noodles' were quite akin to La Mien (freshly made noodles) rather than the normal Pan Mee noodles...

And the chili flakes added a whole new dimension to this dish...

Being a fan of normal pan mee... and the delicious sambal (chili paste) that comes with it, I can't quite seem to compare which style I like more as they are quite different...

Apart from the deep fried anchovies (Ikan Bilis), mince pork, and the vegetable in the soup, it's a totally different dish altogether...

I must admit, I quite like it... so much so, that it was the highlight of my trip... (I didn't do much eating this trip :( )

*Disclaimer: All food ratings are purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the service, food and quality

Food/ Cuisine: Malaysian
Dining Style: Hawker Style Restaurant
Overall Food Rating (Based on the Dining style): 8/10
Restaurant ambiance: 8/10 (we managed a seating, which is apparently quite difficult, but we showed up 12pm sharp)
Service/ Attitude: 7/10 (I didn't experience the rudeness which some claim... which was a positive for me)
Value for money: 6/10 (Quite pricey, by KL standards... 5 bowls of noodles, 1 bowl of pork ball (serving 5) and drinks (herbal tea)... RM40!!!)

40 Ground Floor,
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, turn left when you see the Honda showroom. Turn left again, Kin Kin is located in the midst of mechanic shops.

In terms of the address, Google Maps and Google are giving me two different addresses (one road apart), it's somewhere on that block, and shouldn't be too hard to find... it's within walking distance to the Sime Darby building

Tel:(03) 016 3728069

Kin Kin is open on
Weekdays 7:30am – 9:00 pm and
Weekends 7:30am – 4:30pm
Closed on the last Sunday of the month

How to get there:

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