Monday, 16 August 2010

Melbourne Open Day - Part II @ Union Lane Street Art Project

This second part of Melbourne's Open Day was really more of us walking through one of Melbourne's many lane-ways (Union Lane in particular) after visiting all the other "old" buildings... as we were walking by, the graffiti street artists were "refreshing" the art on the walls...

The art here changes constantly...

And I had to do a quick update and snap it all up...

The last time I took "memories" from these walls was in 2008!

I'll let the images speak for themselves =)

This one is my favourite...!

So which is your favourite?

The Boy quite likes Mr Monopoly =)

Enjoy Melbourne...!!!


  1. That graffiti is quite amazing! It shows that graffiti is really an art form :)

  2. I love the creepy bird/man! And Lorraine is right - this kind of thing makes the difference between graffiti and graffiti art so obvious.. I still can't believe that council workers painted over a Banksy in a laneway here!

  3. Lorraine: It is isn't it? It's quite sad to see stupid vandalism of graffiti on actual art graffiti =(

    Bunny: Yayy... i loved the one with the two guys on the ladders doing graffiti, I just think it's quite cool =)


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