Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Norwegian Ridgeback and a change of seasons

The truth hurts... and when you don't want to face the truth and rather live in denial that's all it does.. it hurts... from the inside.. like your chest is constricting and your heart has been ripped out...

Why don't clever people see that (or they are not that clever anyway)? No matter what I say, how many times I say it.. they eventually rather get hurt... it's like they refuse to take the lifeline and learn from dying.. however the come back worse... angrier...sadder...more hopeless..

Life gets you down , don't it?

People never take the advice no matter how good it is.. I find myself guilty in this matter as well.. why are humans so stubborn? Why do we feel the NEED to learn from our mistakes? That we are so sure weren't mistakes in the first place?

If life was as simple as running away and starting afresh somewhere safe.

Somehow it seems more like walking down an uncertain road and at the first sign of a friendly face, find love and hope, only to learn that the friendly face was a killer bandit, that will shoot you in the back eventually and take your things and leave you on the road to die.. not even on the side off the road.. right in the middle.. where they shot you in the first place...

Perhaps I'm only feeling melancholy as I'm counselling someone with problems.. and finished my Jennifer Fallon collection.. and I'm feeling a little out of place back in reality right now...

On a brighter note, there's always Richard and Kahlan (more like sour note)... and my new Dianne Wynne Jone's books... *bliss*

Crying over spiders.. now that IS a fear I can relate to. I am terrified of geckos'... bloody lizards...

Off to bed now.. the Boy has "requested" that I have an early night tonight as I am having a killer hormonal imbalance...

And he has promised that we have Pizza tomorrow... PIZZA!!


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