Saturday, 18 April 2009

Thin Disguise

In a totally random conversation with the Boy... I was speaking absolute gibberish in a very posh English accent and we discovered... it's true! Nothing you can say, cursing, gibberish, nonsense, jargon, sounds that bad when you actually put on a False Posh English Accent. Put in a bit of pomp into it and you've mastered eccentricity of the aristocrat classes. Fantastic what that can do to you and for you. Endless hours of entertainment...

I had KFC last night... A whole 3 piece meal all by myself... GREED... is a good thing... threw a tantrum though when the Boy stole a piece of my deep fried crispy chicken skin... absolutely ravingly Furious...

On another off the topic note.. I dream I was running up and down the stairs with Hugh Jackman and his wife last night. I had to take lots of pictures with them too... I shouldn't watch the news before I sleep... Hugh Jackman absailing right before I went to sleep made me have a very tired night in dreamland...

Before I leave you for the weekend.. you should be honoured... I hardly post anything on the weekends... try it... Say a rap verse of the most foul language you have on your playlist in a Posh English Accent... for variety... put in Indian and Scottish accents... guaranteed entertainment!!

1 comment:

  1. "WELL, I say ... a cup of tea perhaps ?"

    Imagine that in a posh english accent. Alwayyyyys cracks me up .. don't know why.


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