Monday, 11 May 2009

My Favourite Thing

Ooohhh.. Sunday was always about waking up late... lying down in warm comfy sheets, body warmth seeping through me... not wanting to wake him.. I hopped out of bed...

And returned 5 minutes later, jumping him!!!!!!!!... Yayyy!.. I got one on ya... I win for the morning!!!

Church... was astonishingly dramatic today.. must be the choir... and hot candle wax hurts... but my pain is relatively minor... St. Peregrine, if you exist, do you hear us? Do you hear our prayers?

Met up with Mr. Perth II... amazing.. all these people from Perth down suddenly.. thank you cheap air flights, thank you K. Rudd!

Yes yes.. OMG he is married... and a son! How can it be a sort of a shot gun? It either is or it isn't?.... AHAHAHAHHAHA.. typical...

Dinner!! I should have taken some pictures! My favourite thing in the world.. Lamb!!!!... It looked to pretty to eat... but it tasted magnificent!

Thank you Donna Hay and thank you cousin A for bringing the recipe to life! Awesome...

Now.. the stakes are up higher than before... Claypot Chicken Rice seems pretty mundane to me... Maybe I'll do some "Ayam Masak Merah" amongst other things... but when did this turn into a competition? I just like to cook and eat !!

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