Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Head Up In the Clouds

Over the last two weekends, I went on sort of a shopping spree... I bought the following dresses amongst other things at a warehouse sales... (Don't you dare look at me that way!!.. You would too!!... 3 dresses for $50!!!)

So I've taken a few pictures to put up here.

This is just an excuse to put up any posting today. I am feeling a tad unwell... and this effort is taxing me somewhat...

So which is your favourite?


On a side note, I can't believe ms tinymouse dedicated (well nearly) a whole post to Ross Noble!!... Lols..

He was kind of funny last night on GNW.. I will not look at a smoke machine quite the same way again...

Ok, off to bed and hopefully the Boy will be pampering me tonight... (One can always hope), he did call to see if I was showing any Swine Flu symptoms today...

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