Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Grilled Pork & Lamb with Lemon and Dijon dressing

La di Da... I have lemons, and with Lemons, one can cook a myriad of things... we start off with a main followed by dessert.

Since the Boy does not enjoy lamb (I know, what a weirdo), he gets to have Pork Schnitzels instead.

So...on the menu is Grilled Pork/Lamb with Lemon and Dijon dressing served with potatoes and asparagus and Apple Puff Pastry for dessert (which I'll post in a separate entry as there is 2 parts to it).

Ingredients (for the Main)

What you want is 1 whole lemon (juice and rind grated)

Marinate the meat in the lemon and mustard mixture

Grill them babies!

The Boy's pork...

Me Lamb Chops!!

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