Sunday, 21 June 2009

What I Wanted

I drove again today. For longer and further... I'm proud of myself.

You clutch less tightly on the edge of your seat now! Another achievement...

Driving test on Thursday... fingers crossed.. with my luck these days... *SIGH*...

I feel no better today than I have the rest of the previous week.

Cancelled on my Peking Duck appointment. Boo to Father's Day enjoyment!! (Although in this case it was an uncle... but PEKING DUCK!!!)


Gong Gong... Happy Father's Day!!!... "THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!" You shouted back to me from the other end of the line.... I answer your questions half heartedly... no reason to give you any worries... you are my Sunlight!!

Shouting at you the same thing over and over... the Boy peeks his head in and gives me a grin... my Gong Gong is losing his hearing... but anyone that dares mention he's deaf in his hearing will cop it bad!!... Selective Deafness I say!!

PoPo comes to the rescue... oh.. but it ends up being "good" advice... again... I listen without bothering to explain.. they are so worried that I'm unemployed...

"Oh Haha"... "Hai Meh?!"... oh... they gave the little "tua pui kia" beer and he didn't like it.. he was being very naughty...

I miss my grandparents... They are sooooo funny.... *SIGH*...

The Boy sensing my pensiveness for the evening... cooked me up something that was not porridgy or brothy..

First up, the leftover boring garlic bread.

He turned them into, "Deep Fried French Garlic Bread"

Then I wanted an omelette... so he gave me... "Mushroom, Snow Peas and Chicken Strips Omelette"

It was the best dinner of the week. Not quite Peking Duck... but delicious all the same!!!

Art thou Jealous? I see thy face Green with Envy!

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