Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Deep Fried Toffee Bananas and Apples Recipe

Believe it or not, there is a song called "I like to Eat Apples and Bananas" and it goes like this:
"I Like To Ate Ate Ate Apples And Bananas
i Like Eat Eat Eat Epples And Benenes
i Like To Ite Ite Ite Ipples And Bininis
i Like To Ote Ote Ote Oplles And Bononos
i Like To Ute Ute Ute Upples And Bununus"
And it's by, Barney. Indeed.. the purple monstrosity... that Barney.

After watching the Hong Kong Challenge episode.. the Boy decided to replicate the toffee apple dessert... I can't find the recipe on the Masterchef website... so I'm not sure where he got the recipe from. Sorry folks...

Just google it.. I'm sure it'll come out...

The Boy was watching the cooking part of it when it happened, whilst I was cooking dinner... so he might have a photographic memory...

He kept chanting "Sugar, water, vinegar!"... so maybe that is something?

On the 1st attempt, we didn't have any apples, and he decided to use Banana's instead...

It was a surprise for me and I didn't get to take any pictures except for the final presentation ^_^

It was delicious... like Banana Fritters with syrup, and no ice-cream.. I wasn't complaining.. but he was... the texture of the banana was too soft, and not meant for this dish... so..

So when the Boy decided to buy apples this week, I started tagging him whenever he walked into the kitchen close to meal times...

And I still missed it...!! He ALWAYS decides to cook when I'm busy watching Masterchef!!! Haaarruuuummpphhhhhh...

So this was all I managed to snap!

The frying of the apple cubes... and the coating in the flour mixture...

The hot toffee syrup sitting aside to cool down (but not too much)


The final YUMMY YUMMY product.. sorry... still on leftover sugar high from last night...

I still have a few pieces .. not for lack of trying to finish them, but together with this... (which were 3 very large Granny Smith Apples), the Boy cooked up a random "Rice Pilaf/ Tomato Rice" dish.. with chicken and bacon... so.. I was trying very hard to unbuckle a non-existent belt... Woot!!

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