Saturday, 26 September 2009

Black Cat

I slept at 8pm last night and woke up at 8am this morning!! How cool is that?!

After all our morning activities, I suggested that we go home and take a nap.. which earned me a glare from the Boy...

"WHAT?!", Did I say something wrong? I can never have too much sleep...

Anyhoo, things changed, and the boy took out cold bottles of beer (mine is the gay Beez Neez...)... fried up some chicken strips, nuggets and fries...

Sat back and watched the AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final.... since the Doggies (If I had to choose and support), were not in the finals, the Cats were my team for the day!!

The Boy gave up watching half way as he was getting increasingly frustrated at how the Cats were playing.. I sent him off and away...

I just kept eating.. I eat when I'm stressed and it was a very painful 3 quarters for me!!

And somehow the CATS WON!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Tinymouse... HAH!!!.. BOO TO YOU!!!!.. I'm such a bad winner ;)

WE have come to the conclusion, that if the Boy supports a certain team/player, during a final and watches it... that unfortunate team/player will lose... better if he hides himself in the room and not watch!!!

NOTE: Look at how much White and Blue I put up in the picture!!!

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