Sunday, 20 September 2009

Married Life

*Spoiler Alert*

Okay, this is a song from Up!... the part that made me burst into tears!!!

Such a good movie... I kept nudging the Boy at bits where I thought he should follow and he kept laughing silently in his chair at my tear stained face...


The movie is basically about a promise made between a man and his wife, to have an adventure at "Paradise Falls" in South America. This has been their childhood dream.

One thing led to another in life, and their adventure plan always got pushed back.

Until one day, when the inevitable happened, and Carl was left all alone.

Determined to carry out Ellie's wish and to have their adventure (rather than be sent to an old folks home), he hooks his house to many helium balloons (he worked as a balloon man) and takes off...

Somehow, he manages to bring along a cute little fat kid, Russell who insists on "assisting the elderly" to gain his badge in his Wilderness Explorer club.

They eventually do arrive in Paradise Falls, and along the way manage to find a rare bird and an extremely dopey dog, named Dug!

This is Dug wearing the "Cone of Shame"...

Obviously there is more to the movie, with a good guy turned bad, lots of other animals... talking dogs... where no one but the "bad man" dies... etc... classic Disney theme...

I loved it!!... It was a feel good movie, with a message that you're never too old to have an adventure and promises should always be kept.

Obviously as a animation, there are a lot of questions unanswered (e.g. How does an old man needing the use of a walking stick pulls a house [even though aided with helium]?; and How do they have so much energy to do anything whilst not eating for the entire duration?; Dogs talking?...)

The list can go on, but sometimes, you need to put all the adult scepticism aside and just enjoy the movie for what it is...

I loved the short animation shown before UP! started, "Partly Cloudy".... sooooo cute...

NOTE: There is a much better summary of the movie on Wiki, but I'm just putting the bits I really liked about it =)

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  1. I watched this show with my gf on the last night I was in Vancouver, thinking it was going to be a happy movie. We were so wrong...


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