Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Long Day Is Over

I'm not sure when the last time I felt so tired...

But I sure as hell did not sign up for taking on so much workload!

A simple message on Facebook from my ex-work colleague:

"Hey, you want to come in and help out for 2 weeks? Basically it's to take on this easy account..."

Has somehow been dragged into 2 months and now until the end of November... yes... I admit.. money is alright... And I was becoming really complacent sitting on my butt blogging day and day out, cooking and enjoying life...

*sigh*... everyday is a reminder to myself, a huge *WHAM* on the head, of why I quit the job in the first place a year ago...

My off-again, on-again crazy ass boss has made 2 people have a nervous breakdown since I've been back, demanding to know why (whilst people were crying and broken) they were being affected and shouting at them.

Now that I'm back... I go in with a different attitude... I try to not let her get to me... the, "I don't really care what happens because you NEED me" attitude.. and it's working...


I come home to the Boy, who laughs at my problems at work, and tells me I'm an idiot for letting it affect me that badly... Ahhh... the ever logical come back!

The above is a joint cooking which the Boy and I did... I fried the fish, and he did the rest :)

Pan fried the fish in olive oil with crack black pepper and sea salt...It as a Salmon fillet... (Crispy skin *wuhOoo*)

Spinach Balls (created by the Boy), was sauteed in the pan and rolled up into a ball stuffed with Parmesan cheese, and then dipped into egg wash and coated with a light batter of plain flour and deep fried.

Asparagus was grilled with olive oil and seasoned with black pepper and sea salt.

As said countless times before.. the simplest things are often the best...

Now to bed!

NOTE: *waves at Ms Tinymouse's sister*... "I love you too!!!!" Okay, love might sound a bit strong.. but what the heck!!

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