Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pandan Prawn Recipe

I am going to be lazy and put up some pictures from when the Boy made pandan prawns a couple of days ago...

I find I no longer have time to do anything after work, as I just want to sleep... sometimes, I don't even want to eat!! *gasp*...

On the record... after work yesterday (Friday), I had KFC for dinner, and then went to be at 7.30pm... I didn't wake up until nearly 8am this morning!!

So here goes...

The prawns, marinated with salt, pepper, sugar, oyster sauce, and some soya sauce

Add in curry powder, and 1 egg

Wrap them up in pandan leaf and seal with a toothpick... (we ran out of toothpicks so we just broke the wooden skewers "satay sticks" and used them instead)

A delicate process as the pandan leaf kept ripping apart...

Deep fry the prawns...

Serve and garnish with fresh cut chilli's!!

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  1. Haha...tell me about it work! work! work! Find something you like about your work and focus on it, then you will learn to love it! That's life!


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