Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Namaste @ Lygon Street, Carlton - Round II

The Boy took me to Namaste again!!!! I <3 him!!!

This time, I wasn't vegetarian.. and I wanted to eat everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay not everything, but things I wanted to try the other day when I had no choice apart from vegetarian dishes... boo!

Started off with Dosa Stuff with Spinach $4.95

This was the inside of the dosa (tosai in Malaysian terms)

Mint Naan and Butter Naan *SLURP*

Goat Masala $8.95
Succulent pieces of goat cooked with chef's special masala

*Indeed it was extremely succulent and tender*

Chicken cooked with fresh spinach puree, herbs & spices finished with cream

This is the awesome life!!

Finished off a fantastic serving of Gelato from Il Dolce Fredo (next door)... of Durian and Pandan flavours....

I died and went to heaven!!!

I love Melbourne !!

No need for an overall rating, as it's already been done in the first round. All round delicious!!

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