Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Complicated Maggie Mee with Siu Yuk (Roast Pork) Recipe

I like making things complicated... and a great way to complicate a simple 2 minute noodle will have you drooling for more ;)

This is in a few parts, because I like complication.

The 1st is for NyonyaChef... who leaves very motivating comments =)

Complicated Maggi Mee with Siu Yuk:
Take a couple of strips of pork belly with skin, and marinate rub with salt. Rub the meaty bit with 5 Chinese 5 spice.

Make sure you pierce the skin (for crackling) and also the fat (so that it won't shrink) with a wooden stick (skewer)

Pop it into the toaster oven for around 30 mins (or until the crackling forms)

Slice them up and *slurp*

I served mine with Maggi Mee (flavour of your choice), poached egg and bean sprouts

Complicated Mi Goreng 1:

I've only got 1 picture for this.

I had Mi Goreng (Indo Mie) with sliced snow peas, mushrooms and mince pork... Delish!!

Complicated Mi Goreng With Mince Chicken and Broccoli Stems:

I just had this for lunch... *burp* "'scuse me!"

'Ze Ingredients:
1/2 a chopped red chili, slice Broccoli stems, mince chicken, an egg and 1 packet of Indo Mie

Whilst you're boiling up water to cook the Indo Mie, heat up some oil in a pan and fry the chili first for about 1 minute, and then adding in the mince chicken

Add in the Broccoli stems when the chicken is cooked, and add in 1 tablespoon of fish sauce and 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire (L&P) sauce

Serve with fried egg (BULLS EYE!)

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  1. Roast pork, maggi mee,...yup u are complicated,your food is complicated too...but creative. hehe!

    Cooking is supposed to be fun, creative, always xplore to understand n learn. That's the beauty of it


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