Friday, 17 July 2009

What A Girl Wants

(photo from


I WANTSSSSS..... I was just trawling the web and I came across this...

Now how do I convince the Boy that I will absolutely die without this in the living room?

It can sit side by side with our White Wii.. I don't discriminate like that... but.. oh Boy!! Me wantsSsssssss!!!!!

And on the subject of wants at the moment, since I only allow myself the usage of a song title as a blog title once...

I also want (What?!! *shrugs* it is Xmas in July over here!!):

These awesome Stud Boots from Colin Stuart (Victoria Secret).. *drools*

And because I can't get enough of silver and Gucci bags...

This really pweetty Hobo bag... (Normancook... please drool with me *slurp*)


  1. why not paint your nintendo wii black ?

    just spraycan it or something

  2. Because..... I want 1 black and 1 white one!!!!


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