Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Morning Report

I have just come to realise that the last 12 posts and days have been food postings!!
(The above picture is a plate of "Spanish Donuts" from Tender Trap [a place which I've yet to do a proper review, only because I'm trying to accumulate the photos :)], a Tapas restaurant/cafe at Chadstone shopping centre.)

When on earth did this become a place for me to showcase my talents?

I started this blog to rant and rave about my daily life... but also to chronicle my daily adventures (not that I've been having any)...

But I guess cooking has become part of my daily life...

Slowly, I can feel my brain oozing out from my ears from lack of usage... I need to work... why won't they give me a job?!

Marvelously unconsciously incompetent (according to said model, I much prefer the term subconsciously incompetent)... but oh well...

To date, I have been unemployed for nearly 6 months... I've found so much time and love and joy from everyone around me...

Makes me kind of wish that I never get a job... Kinda!

But I miss the interaction. I miss laughing about jokes that only you and your colleagues will understand. I miss making fun of clients. I miss working. AND, I miss the money.

Sitting at home watching the telly and surfing the Internet, is no fun when you CAN'T actually shop online.

Window shopping is really really depressing when you can't afford the dresses inside.

Eating out becomes so much more intense figuring out where to go for good value and then getting a glare from the Boy when you suggest somewhere cheaper...

It's no fun. No fun at all.

Going home to Kay Elle won't even make a difference, as I won't be able to afford to hang out. Mum might pay for all the food and groceries... but... I don't want to be molly coddled...


I hate the fact that certain people are jumping for joy that our unemployment rate last month was only 5.8 percent... tell that to the 21,000 people who lost their jobs last month.

Shine with your happiness at all of us sitting at home, despair and gloom hanging over our heads. Bills coming, because, the rent/mortgage, water, gas, electricity, phone bills still need to be paid.

But despite all that. I'm lucky. So very lucky.

I have the Boy. I have my Big Sis and Big Bro (whom at the moment are slightly narky at me, for the fact that I snapped at them after they rang 4 times in a row, whilst I was eating prawns to tell me to watch Jacko's memorial)... bah.. humbug...fine fine... I shouldn't have snapped... but you shouldn't have rung 4 times in a row as well...

I have my great friends... who come over and tolerate my mad behaviour and sometimes my cooking and go away with smiles on their faces... (I hope it's because of me)...

Those that don't come over, spend ages on the phone checking up on me, and on the Internets cheering me up.

So I am lucky. I just like to whinge, and I miss my spoilt lifestyle. I miss being able to do what I want to do.

Maybe, just maybe, I can get used to this...

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